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Hello to those reading. I offer a wide range of services at a reasonable price whether it be on your site, mine or something else.

Read below what I have to offer:


I've already created a thread on this here so I won't bother repeating it and attaching the images again. Put shortly, I am willing to create cheap YouTube/Website banners and logos.

Please take a look at the thread regarding the work I've already created. Any inquiries can be made to me via Discord.

Forum posts/threads

For those that need someone to help them get their posts/threads higher on their site, I am willing to do this too. General rates are $0.20 for a thread and $0.10 for a reply but another way can be to do a swap where we agree on a set number of posts on your site and my site. Again, this can be discussed much further and in detail via Discord.

Affiliation and Partner on VoxGrid

This one is a bit more longer to explain but I'll shorten it. Affiliating with my VoxGrid: I have a footer at the bottom of my site dedicated to this. I'll put your banner (must meet the dimensions of 100px by 60 px) in exchange for something similar for my site. This is a free service. It comes with some perks too (will role those out in due course).

Partner with VoxGrid. This is different and requires payment (which can be negotiated). You will get a much larger banner at the top right sidebar of the page which is one of the first things anyone visiting the site will see. Again there are perks which I have set out but will role them out in the future once some bugs have been fixed.

Please read the thread here for more info.

I will update this thread when needed so check this out before making decisions.