What forum softwares have you used?


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I use mybb it is simple easy and the team at the support forums are always helpful and most of all it is free to use

However once my forum gets popular and more members I will go to a paid solution


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I've used quite a lot of different software. MyBB, phpBB, XenForo, IPB, vBulletin, WoltLab, wpForo (the worst of all the options).


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Oh wpForo is not that good hmm but it helps a forum to be integrated with WordPress without any additional steps right.


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I've used vBulletin 5, vBulletin 4, Xenforo 1, Xenforo 2, myBB, and phpBB. I've never used vBulletin 3 as it's very old but I've been around the block a few times. Never had any big sites with anything but vb5, and xf1 and xf2. And by big I mine not small. I've never actually had a huge site. Would be nice if my current site gets big. Wishing and hoping that happens one day.


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They're like that on proboards support. Including the staff. Rabidly protective over their software.
As for forum software I've used to make forums, proboards, Zetaboards, tapatalk (not by choice).

I've been members on mostly proboards, xenforo, and a few others but no idea what they were.