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  1. Peterlight

    What PC games do you play now?

    I just got the old vice city GTA, I hope I can still install it on my pc
  2. Peterlight

    Posting Job Offer: Get paid to post in forums

    Am up for the task bomb
  3. Peterlight

    5 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Location Tracking 2020

    I don't really see a reason why I would need a phone tracker or GPS on my phone. I see it has another a of trying to get my person details from my phone cos I don't think these app can be trusted. I heard ( it may be a rumors or fake news) about a rich business man that installed a GPS tracking...
  4. Peterlight


    Can I get more details about this site.
  5. Peterlight

    Which movie make you happy?

    The movie reminds me of Italian job but a little bit different, money heist is a cool movie butam more into war movies and cartoons, you should try to watch the "overlord", the movie is super great
  6. Peterlight

    1000 posts

    We can do it,10,000 by 2021
  7. Peterlight

    Welcome to Web Talk Zone

    Am glad to be here, keep the good job going.
  8. Peterlight

    How did the pandemic affect you

    I lost my job to the pandemic, which made life kind of hard for me cos I have siblings to take care of but has time pass by I was introduced to some paying forums, I can say it wasn't easy cos they are all paying low but it really helped me to get back on my feet. How were you affected by the...
  9. Peterlight

    What is your favorite inspirational quote from a movie?

    Avengers end game " I am inevitable" " Avengers!!! Assembly"
  10. Peterlight

    What PC games do you play now?

    I play Halo 1,3 and 4. Maybe a little bit of blur (car race) I just added call of duty to the list
  11. Peterlight

    Which movie make you happy?

    I watch Tom and Jerry cartoons a lot and also the Simpson family cartoon, those are the movies that makes me happy
  12. Peterlight

    How have you been keeping busy in current times?

    I have been work on pay to post site so that I can meet my needs and the needs of my siblings. The pandemic really made me to redefine myself and learn more from the internet
  13. Peterlight

    Walking or Running!

    I do walk alot but back in my childhood days, I do run a lot and that's because my favourite TV show is on
  14. Peterlight

    What's Your Today's Weather LIke?

    In this part of the world,the weather is pretty hot and windy, you need a nose mask and an umbrella to move during the day
  15. Peterlight

    Pop ups

    You need to check your browser's and whenever the advert pops up on your phone you hold it down till you see a pop up notification that will help you to stop getting all those popup on your phone. If that doesn't work, let me know
  16. Peterlight

    Love and Hate about your phone?

    I hate everything about my phone infinix hot 5 It has been giving me issues for a longtime. The phone hangs especially when am doing something important. Sometimes the network just disappear for no reason. I think I need to work hard to buy another one by January.
  17. Peterlight

    Hello everyone

    Am Peter, am new here...I hope am going to have a nice time working on the site.
  18. Peterlight

    3 reasons Xenforo 2.2 already beats vBulletin 5.6.3

    Really nice article...Xofo is the next thing to look out for ..