5 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Location Tracking 2020


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A cell phone monitoring app is a program that is installed on a different device to monitor their activities, including GPS location, telephone log, text messages, and much more. This type of software may also be employed to monitor activity on a computer or tablet too.

Parents widely use telephone tracker programs to spy in their child's phone action to keep them secure or by businesses that are looking to track their employees' activity while at work.

But with more than 20+ different phone tracking programs to choose from, picking the right one can feel overwhelming. Some applications only have basic alternatives like GPS location monitoring, but some have more innovative features such as phone call recording, social media tracking, and remote camera accessibility.

I've put together this guide to the very best cell phone monitoring apps that will assist you to discover the right phone tracker program for your needs. I've examined each service on an assortment of essential factors, including features, device compatibility, cost, and customer reviews.

Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps of all 2020

1) FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is one of the best phone tracker programs available on the market. It's full of helpful features that provide convenient smartphone spying and monitoring. FlexiSPY lets you monitor Android and iOS apparatus' activities so that you can keep on top of your loved one's behaviour in real-time. You might even track the activity on computers as well.

Some of the other features we love include:

Record telephone calls

Built-in camera and microphone access for live spying

Telephone call interception and alarms

Monitor social media and instant messenger apps

GPS location tracking and history

Track all incoming and outgoing text messages

Access all pictures and videos taken with the phone

Keep track of internet browsing and usage history.

Monitor all installed software on the mobile phone

FlexiSPY comes in 3 versions: Lite, Premium, and Extreme. The Lite app delivers vital functions at one low price, whereas the Premium program lets you look at text messages, phone call logs, and even images. The Extreme app has a complete suite of innovative features, such as live telephone interception.

2) mSpy

MSpy is the best cell phone tracker for parents. MSpy permits you to monitor your kid's whole mobile activity without them knowing, so it is possible to make sure they are always secure, where they are.

Here's a rundown of All of the features that mSpy supplies:

Call Log Monitoring -- You can view all outgoing/incoming calls including information like timestamps, time duration, and contact information.

Spy on Instant Messaging Apps: You can get chat transcripts from many different messenger apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and Viber.

GPS Tracking: You can monitor the GPS location of this device as well as view its location history.

Evaluation Message Tracking: Assess all incoming and outgoing text messages, even if they are deleted from the telephone.

Monitor Internet Background: Assess the surfing history, including all net searches, even if the device is in Incognito mode.

Spy on social networking Activity: Watch all of the social networking activity on major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder.

3) KidsGuard Pro

The child-tracking software works great for filtering internet content and spotting predators. KidsGuard Pro provides immediate access to a kid's social media apps and browser background as well as the telephone's real-time place. The Favorable spy app is excellent for catching and stopping cyberbullying and other forms of harassment before they get out of control.

This cell phone tracker app includes a variety of other features, including:

Data export

Wi-Fi logger

Call recording and monitoring.

Remote screenshot and photo access

IOS and Android capacities

4) Spyic

You probably want a phone tracker program with no phone user knowing it's on their apparatus. When you need tracking and spying features for iPhone or Android, Spyic has you covered. This handy spy program makes location tracking fast and straightforward.

24/7 customer service

100% safety with stealth mode

A 60-day money-back guarantee

Hassle-free refunds

5) Where is My Droid

Have you ever dropped your Android cellphone? Where is My Droid can assist you in finding it? The location-tracking program provides comprehensive and precise coordinates to recover your cell phone. Bid farewell to third-party apps, such as Google -- Locate My Device and discover My iPhone.

Where's My Droid is full of other cool features, such as:

GPS Flare

Remote telephone locking

Passcode protection

No battery drain

Track the location of your Android apparatus for less than a dollar a month. The modestly priced phone tracker is one of the most significant values on our list. Download the GPS tracker app on Google Play to start your trial.


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I don't really see a reason why I would need a phone tracker or GPS on my phone. I see it has another a of trying to get my person details from my phone cos I don't think these app can be trusted.

I heard ( it may be a rumors or fake news) about a rich business man that installed a GPS tracking device on his phone and three days later, his account was wiped clean.

When an investigation was carried out,they said he must have installed or activated something on his phone for this to have happened and later all the info on his phone was wiped out.

Since I heard that, I have made up my mind not to install any on my phone.