HawkHost Shared Hosting Review


Staff member
I was using HawkHost for a pretty good time (6 to 8 months) and i am very happy with the service they provided.

Their file uploading mechanism is the best i have seen and no one can beat that. It is super fast, and i loved it. Loading of website and resources are super cool. I used their Singapore data center as my website was a regional forum (India).

Their support is very good, it is not the fastest, they take time in replying but their answers always help us to get things sorted. There is no live support only ticket system is available.

Price of the hosting is pretty cheap and most of the time they come up with Coupons and huge discounts.

I highly recommend them for users who are looking for a cheap and reliable Shared hosting. Their may be many poor reviews about them, trust me they are really good and you won't be disappointed.

Out of 5 i rate them 4.5.